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  • Learn at Autodesk Authorized Training Center
  • Learn Hands-on Training, Tutor led classes
  • Expert and Certified Trainers
  • Class Size 5-7 max per class
  • Central London Locations Liverpool Street and Baker Street
  • Free Re-training
  • Price includes Tuition Fee, VAT and Course Material
Course Information
    AutoCAD Training 2D-3D
    Course Fee:
    £890 (incl.VAT)
    5 Days Fast Track (10.00-17.00) or
    5 Weeks 6 Hours Per Week 
    AutoDesk Certified Associate &
    AutoDesk Certified Professional
What is included
  • Tutor Led, Classroom Training
  • Tuition Fee include VAT
  • Books, Course Material
  • Tea and Coffee
  • Project Work
  • Course Completion Certificate.
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Liverpool Street, London

Course Insight

Autocad is a software application for computer aided design(CAD) patterns and has become increasingly popular, making it an expert industry leader. Autocad softwares are very much in demand across all the industries from engineering, construction, interior design, civil, mechanical and all other sectors.

Autocad has incredibly digitalized the way we create draftings, saving time and creating complex job made much simpler. Autocad is also capable of transforming 2D design to 3D, which will give you visualization in digital format. Due to higher demand in CAD industries, lots of jobs have been created in the market, making it highly demanded skills in the industry.

Whether you are looking to start your career in CAD industry or looking to update your skills, we have right Autocad course for you.

Autocad course with us will begin from basic fundamental stage, proceeds onto intermediate level followed by advanced level.

We being the AutoDESK Authorised Training Center, deliver a hands on Autocad course in London by Autodesk certified trainers.

Learning Facilities

We have immaculate learning facilities with state of art technology, fully equipped with high specs latest servers, workstations and software.

General Facilities

We also provide Free Wifi Internet, Refreshment, Water, Tea and Coffee Facilities.

Registration Process

Speak with Course Advisor Call 0207 256 8883

Topics Covered

Course Highlights

  • AutoCAD and CAD tools
  • Osnap, AutoSnap and Draw tools:
  • Zoom, Pan and templates
  • The Modify tools
  • Orthographic and isometric
  • Other types of file format
  • Building drawing
  • 3D models in viewports
  • Rendering
  • Other features of 3D modelling

AutoCAD and CAD tools

  • Drawing with the Line tool.
  • digitiser, Palettes, Toolbars.
  • Buttons in the status bar. AutoCAD coordinate system.
  • Drawing templates.
  • Method of showing entries in the command palette.
  • Tools and tool icons.
  • Drawing with the Circle tool.
  • The Erase tool.
  • Undo and Redo tools.
  • Drawing with the Polyline tool.

Osnap, AutoSnap and Draw tools:

  • Arc, Ellipse tool, Saving drawings, Osnap, AutoSnap and Dynamic Input.
  • Object Snaps (Osnaps), AutoSnap, Dynamic Input, Draw tools, Polyline Edit tool,
  • Transparent commands, set variable PELLIPSE.

Zoom, Pan and templates:

  • The Aerial View window.
  • The Pan tool.
  • Drawing templates.

The Modify tools:

  • Copy, Mirror, Offset, Array, Move, Rotate, Scale, Trim, Stretch, Break, Join, Extend,
    Chamfer and Fillet tool.
  • Dimensions and Text:
  • Adding dimensions using the tools.
  • Adding dimensions from the command line.
  • Dimension tolerances.
  • Symbols used in text.
  • Checking spelling.

Orthographic and isometric:

  • Orthographic projection, First angle and third angle.
  • Isometric drawing.
  • Blocks and Inserts:
  • Inserting blocks into a drawing.
  • Explode and Purge tools

Other types of file format:

  • Object linking and embedding.
  • DXF (Data Exchange Format) files.
  • Raster images, External References (Xrefs).
  • Multiple Document Environment (MDE.

Building drawing:

  • Building drawings, Floor layouts.
  • 3D modelling:
  • Solid and Render tools, 3D Face tool.
  • 2D outlines suitable for 3D models.
  • Extrude, Revolve tool, 3D objects, Fillet.
  • Union, Subtract and Intersect, Modify tools on 3D models, Note on rendering

3D models in viewports:

  • Setting up viewport systems.
  • Modification of 3D models:
  • Creating 3D model libraries.
  • 3D Array, Mirror 3D, Slice, Section, Massprop tool.


  • Render, 3D Orbit tools.
  • Saving and opening 3D model drawings.
  • Three-dimensional space:
  • 3D space, User Coordinate System (UCS), The variable UCSFOLLOW.
  • Using the UCS, UCS views, Constructing 2D objects in 3D space.

3D Surface models:

  • 3D surface meshes.
  • Comparisons between Solids and Surfaces tools.
  • Surface tools.
  • The action of Pedit on a 3D surface.
  • Rendering of 3D Surface models.
  • Editing 3D solid models: More 3D models:
  • The Solids Editing tools.

Other features of 3D modelling:

  • Raster images in AutoCAD drawings.
  • The Profile tool.
  • Printing/Plotting.
  • Polygonal viewports.


Provisional Booking
22nd Sep 2014
Price: £890
Start: 22nd Sep 2014
End: 26th Sep 2014
Days: M,T,W,T,F
Time: 10:00-17:00


Provisional Booking
04th Oct 2014
Price: £890
Start: 04th Oct 2014
End: 01st Nov 2014
Days: Saturday
Time: 10:00-17:00
Provisional Booking
16th Oct 2014
Price: £890
Start: 16th Oct 2014
End: 13th Nov 2014
Days: Thursday
Time: 10:00-17:00
Provisional Booking
21st Oct 2014
Price: £890
Start: 21st Oct 2014
End: 20th Nov 2014
Days: Tue,Thu
Time: 18:30-21:30
Provisional Booking
27th Oct 2014
Price: £890
Start: 27th Oct 2014
End: 31st Oct 2014
Days: M,T,W,T,F
Time: 10:00-17:00


Provisional Booking
08th Nov 2014
Price: £890
Start: 08th Nov 2014
End: 06th Dec 2014
Days: Saturday
Time: 10:00-17:00
Provisional Booking
17th Nov 2014
Price: £890
Start: 17th Nov 2014
End: 21st Nov 2014
Days: M,T,W,T,F
Time: 10:00-17:00
Provisional Booking
20th Nov 2014
Price: £890
Start: 20th Nov 2014
End: 18th Dec 2014
Days: Thursday
Time: 10:00-17:00
Provisional Booking
25th Nov 2014
Price: £890
Start: 25th Nov 2014
End: 30th Dec 2014
Days: Tue,Thu
Time: 18:30-21:30
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  • Auto CAD
  • Revit Architecture
  • Web Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Course Material
  • Tutor Led, Hands-on, Training
  • Extra Practical Hours
  • Project Work / Mock Exam
  • Course Completion Certificate
  • 1 Year Access to Facilities
  • Free Repeat Until Satisfied
  • Skills Gained

    • AutoCAD and CAD tools
    • Osnap, AutoSnap and Draw tools:
    • Zoom, Pan and templates
    • The Modify tools
    • Orthographic and isometric
    • Other types of file format
    • Building drawing
    • 3D models in viewports
    • Rendering
    • Other features of 3D modelling

    Tutor answered and helped every one according to each person's ability and questions, overall extremely useful and effective course thanks.


    The tutor was very good, very thorough, answered all questions confidently. I felt confident learning from him. He gave attention to all students and was a great help.


    The tutor was a great help + good tutor. Explained clearly, helped with progression and pushed our skills. Very happy that he took our course. Easy to talk to / ask for help. Would consider coming back if he is still teaching.


    I found this course very helpful and managed to learn very fast, the tutor was a good teacher and made me feel very comfortable if I was unsure.. Overall I will definitely recommend this course.


    I learnt a lot in a short space of time very friendly and helpful tutor! many thanks!


    Very helpful and knowledgeable tutor


    Great tutor, knows his stuff. Very helpful and likes to give a challenge.


    Instructor is a great tutor. He explained everything.


    I thought the course and the training were very good quality and would recommend to anybody. My tutor was very helpful and patient with the class, can't fault the college in any way.


    Excellent, will feel sorry when course end/p>


    Tutor was very helpful and delivered the course through confidence building approach.


    Great course, exactly what I wanted, very good trainer, class rooms are very conducive, will recommend to anyone.


    I found the course very helpful and I learnt a lot,. Tutor was excellent , perhaps a bit more clarity with regards to course material from day to day would helped.


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